About Sqor Sports

What is Sqor Sports?

Sqor Sports is the only social media platform where sports enthusiasts can directly engage with their favorite athletes, find one-of-a-kind merchandise and memorabilia, and get behind-the-scenes access to their favorite athletes, teams and sporting events.  

Sqor Sports makes the fan a part of the action.

Why Sqor Sports?

For fans, Sqor Sports provides a one stop shop and unprecedented access to their favorite athletes and teams, across all sports and across the globe.

For athletes, Sqor Sports gives us control of our personal brands in an environment that is tailored to us, and sports specifically.  

Sqor Sports cuts down on the noise and provides an opportunity to improve our fan experience and engagement, along with a unique revenue sharing model that keeps athletes, teams and leagues incentivized and provide an additional revenue model.

Athlete Chat

Sqor Sports' AthleteChat feature gives fans exclusive and direct access to the athletes that inspire them.  It enables fans to engage with their favorite athletes in ways they never have before.

Merchandise and Memorabilia

Sqor Sports is dedicated to creating new as well as improved revenue streams for athletes, including opportunities to create personalized merchandise and participate in memorabilia partnerships with trusted partners.